Top 7 Best Camera Straps For Mirrorless Cameras

Best Camera Straps For Mirrorless Cameras

Many of the new mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras have a very retro, or some would say classic, look and feel to them. With their popularity in the market, it stands to reason that many photographers must like that.

Sure, features help as well, but that styling obviously has an appeal. So to make your mirrorless camera pop, I have found some of the best camera straps for mirrorless cameras. But first…

How I picked the best camera straps for mirrorless cameras

How I picked the best camera straps for mirrorless cameras


Camera strap materiel is a major consideration because we want our strap to be comfortable, strong enough, and that fits in to our camera usage. Thus, leather is a good choice. Not one of those super skinny leather straps, though. Even though that looked good on an old rangefinder cameras, they got a little uncomfortable.

Other materials that work well for camera straps include neoprene, fabric materials, and canvas. For many of the mirrorless cameras, neoprene straps are definitely strong enough and very comfortable, but the styling may not mesh with our super cool retro look. A mixture of materials might accomplish what we’re looking for.


Camera strap attachment seems like a basic function, but there are a few ways a strap may be attached. Metal rings, plastic straps, or a camera specific mount could be implemented. A strap may be threaded through a metal or plastic ring, too. As long as it securely holds our camera and doesn’t scratch it all up.

Some photographers may be concerned over how many cameras may be held. With the new mirrorless cameras being as compact and lightweight as some of them are, attaching multiple cameras becomes advantageous for some photographers.

A very basic consideration is what kind of strap it is. A neck strap, a wrist strap, or a shoulder strap are our options. Some of the best camera straps for mirrorless cameras may be convertible from one type to the other.

How to attach a strap to a mirrorless camera

How to attach a strap to a mirrorless camera

If the camera has a round or triangular metal ring already on it, it’s really pretty simple to do. To begin with, face the strap the correct way. You don’t to have to undo and redo it all. Thread the loose end of the strap through the  metal loop.

Thread the loose end of the strap through the double loop ring or buckle attached to the strap. Push the upper portion of the strap through the top part of the buckle. Leave a little slack in the strap ends.

Thread the loose end of the strap through the top inside end of the double ring or buckle, then back down through the bottom outside opening of the buckle. Repeat the steps on the other end of the strap.

If there is no metal ring attached. Some straps may use a thin plastic thread that you stick through a small hole on the camera mounting lug and thread it though the other end, then pull tight.

Some cameras have a propriety design for camera strap attachment. Instructions for that should come with the camera.

Top 7 Best Camera Straps For Mirrorless Cameras

1. Henri by Eric Kim Handmade Premium Leather Camera Neck Strap Review

Henri by Eric Kim Handmade Premium Leather Camera Neck Strap Review

Henri by Eric Kim is a hand crafted leather camera strap that really is made with love. These leather straps are not mass produced as they are handmade in limited quantity batches. As with other fine leather items, this preserves a level of excellent craftsmanship and quality. It also means that this is one of the most expensive camera straps available.

Hand tooled in genuine leather, each strap is unique. Like other hand made leather items, it will have its own subtle marks and over time it will also bear the traces of your own adventures. As for camera compatibility, the Henri fits small to medium cameras that have side lugs.

I would not recommend it for a full frame DSLR, maybe even not for a prosumer APS-C camera. It’s a great fit for smaller APS-C DSLRs, full frame or APS-C mirrorless cameras, and Micro 4/3rds format cameras.

Cameras that come to mind that this strap will work wonderfully for include Sony full frame and APS-C mirrorless, Fujifilm X-Pro and X-100 series, Micro 4/3rds cameras from Olympus and Panasonic, and any of the Leica cameras. It is also a good fit for a lot of the older medium to small size 35mm film cameras, full frame and half frame, SLR or rangefinder.

One thing to be aware of is that during the first month or so of use, the dark color of the leather may stain your clothing. After being used for a while, the strap will soften and fade into a unique and beautiful color of its own, and it will stop discoloring your shirts.

Henri strap is designed to be worn at your front mid chest level.  It has an adjustable length of 36 inches to 44 inches. Width of the strap is a very skinny .625 inch (17mm), which would not be very comfortable on its own, but the width of the 8 inch neck pad is a more generous 1.375 inch (34mm) that makes this strap qualify as being truly comfortable and not just good looking.

For most people, the Henri is not long enough to be worn cross body or across the shoulder. As a neck strap for a smaller camera, it is very useful. It is also one of the best looking accessories you’re likely to find. Like a fine leather coat, it will be expensive, but durable and beautiful. A must have!


2. Peak Design Leash Camera Strap Black (L-BL-3) Review

Peak Design Leash Camera Strap Black (L-BL-3) Review

A quick release camera strap is an interesting idea. Especially the way this one operates. The quick release anchor cords fit through the eyelets of the camera lugs, holding the camera securely while providing an anchor that won’t damage the camera finish.

Its anchor cords attach to the rest of the strap by means of a special fitting unique to this strap. Smooth webbing, similar to a seatbelt, glides over your clothing, giving you fast camera access from whatever position you had it in while carrying it.

Adjusting length, from 33 to 57 inches, is amazingly quick. An ingenious strap and buckle device lets the user adjust length one handed, with minimal effort. Once adjusted, it stays firm and secured. So, it could be worn as a sling and rapidly brought into shooting position.

It isn’t very wide, ¾ of an inch, so even with its strength, I wouldn’t want to carry any really heavy gear. Being as strong as it is, an accessory that comes with this strap adds a handy use. An attachment screws into a tripod screw hole, which the strap then is threaded to. This makes it a stabilizer cord for shooting hand held video.

It costs about half of what the Henri does, so that still makes it 3 to 4 times as much as basic webbed straps. I was impressed with the quick and easy adjustment, and the camera lug fittings. For lighter mirrorless cameras with lens, I liked it a lot!


3. A-Typical Premium Leather Camera Strap by MakeMoves Photography Review

A-Typical Premium Leather Camera Strap by MakeMoves Photography Review

A non adjustable, riveted ends leather strap, it seems tailor made for either a classic rangefinder camera or one of the smaller mirrorless digital cameras. Though somewhat skinny, it has a contrasting 10 inch  leather pad that is about a half inch wider than the strap itself for added comfort.

At 47 inches long and ¾” thick, the leather material works well with lighter cameras. Being leather, it is also a good deal more expensive than a basic strap, but it looks great and works well.

At first, it felt very stiff. If you’ve ever made a leather belt yourself, that’s what it felt like when I got it. Didn’t take long to work it into a softer state. I would recommend working it to break it in before mounting it to a camera.

It is connected to the camera by means of a split metal ring that the leather is looped around and riveted. Metal rubbing against the camera might damage the camera finish after a while, there are no protective pads supplied. You could easily make your own from leather or fabric scraps.

I wouldn’t say it is the most comfortable strap, but it is more comfortable than a thin leather or fabric strap. Being non adjustable might be deal breaker for some, but the style fits in well with the cameras it’s intended for.


4. Inspire In Time Camera Neck Strap Review

Inspire In Time Camera Neck Strap - Genuine Leather With Adjustable Straps and Universal Interfaces Review

Remember those gaudy wide straps from the 70s and 80s? Maybe you had one yourself, or it may have been your Dad or uncle that had one. The patterns and colors are what always stood out to me as fantastic examples of disco era gauche.

Being wide was their best feature. Here we have a strap that reminds me of those old guitar straps, but actually won’t embarrass your camera for wearing it. This version is made from belt leather and looks pretty nice on retro styled cameras.

It is really comfortable around my neck and shoulders. And yet it is very easy to  handle due to the thin strapping that actually connects to the camera. It attaches to the camera lugs with slit metal rings and comes supplied with protective camera pads.

One of the lesser expensive of my list of best camera straps for mirrorless cameras, I felt very much at ease using this with slightly larger cameras and lenses. I even carried around my leather bookbag I use as a computer case with it.


5. B.still Leather Camera Strap Review

b.still Leather Camera Strap - Fits DSLR Leica Canon Nikon Fuji Olympus Lumix Sony + Lens Bag Review

This would seem to be a very basic leather strap. Similar to what came with the classic Leica M3 I picked up at a camera swap a couple of months ago. Yes, I still like classic film cameras. I use them, too. Maybe we should do a classic camera reminiscing column some day.

What sets it apart from those basic leather straps is the brass buckles used for adjustment, and the sliding padded comfort cushion. Length is adjustable by only about 6 ½ inches, from 40 to 46 or so inches.

My primary reason for including this strap is how much it resembles the classic camera straps of 35mm rangefinders. With an Olympus Pen or a Fujifilm X100, as just two of many current examples, I imagined myself following in the street photography footsteps of Henri Cartier-Bresson.


6. SupaDupa Leather Braided Camera Strap Review

SupaDupa Leather Braided Camera Strap - Premium Quality - Men Women Neck Shoulder Sling Wrist Review

What an interesting looking strap this is. Braided leather in a cylindrical shape, it almost looked like a clothing accessory rather than a camera strap. A padded cushion can be added to it for more comfort.

Even though somewhat thin, the braided construction and additional pad keep it on the good side of being comfortable. It is not adjustable, coming in at a tad over 40 inches. With a smaller camera, this felt long enough to be comfortably usable.

Its styling looks very different, not to everyone’s tastes, I’m sure. For those who like this style, it is comfortable and usable. Pricing is very reasonable for a handmade leather item.


7. TARION Vintage Camera Shoulder Neck Strap Review

TARION Camera Shoulder Neck Strap Vintage Belt for All DSLR Camera Nikon Canon Sony Pentax Classic White and Brown Weave Review

Being the least expensive strap in this review, one might think it doesn’t belong. But it does. It is a very comfortable strap and will securely hold larger, heavier cameras beside the mirrorless models.

Made of cotton and a leatherette type of vinyl, it matches the look of the more expensive handmade leather straps. Maybe we should call them cow made? Never mind about that. The vinyl is very similar to other faux leather accessories I’ve handled, so it feels as good as it looks.

Wide where it matters and skinny near the camera, this strap fits a niche of classic look while remaining inexpensive. Available in a couple of different colors, I actually rather liked it.


That’s a lot of leather!

For the look and feel that many mirrorless camera users enjoy, these straps are a nice mix of modern sensibility couple with classic styling. Choose any of these and you will have one of the best camera straps for mirrorless cameras. You can also check out this guide on how to attach a camera strap in seconds!