Top 5 Best GoPro Tripods for Your Next Adventure!

Best GoPro Tripods

I love my GoPro and I’m sure you do too! The action cam is one of the best concepts to come around in the past few years. Mounting a GoPro on a bicycle, surfboard, helmet, or even an animal is just a few ways of thousands in which you can use a GoPro.

Another great way to use a GoPro is to mount it on a tripod which allows inserting ourselves into the video or picture in a Vlog like style. In this article I will review 5 of the best GoPro tripods currently on the market so you can start recording in no time!

But first…

How a tripod can benefit you when recording on your GoPro

Best GoPro Tripods hand grip islands

Tripods are hugely valuable tools which most videographers and photographers recognise with DSLR or mirrorless cameras. But tripods can also be a very effective tool for composition, functionality, security and comfort for when recording with a GoPro camera.

Sure you can record holding your GoPro in your hand, but many times your fingers or arm will get in the shot because of the almost fish eye lens. So by adding a tripod or extension arm, you are then freeing your camera up for more interesting shot styles and composition.

Also if you plan on recording in a POV (point of view) style, using a tripod, even a small one will vastly enhance the viewer experience. Best of all is that these tripods are usually very inexpensive items that bring a lot of value to your videos!

How I found the best GoPro Tripods

Best GoPro Tripods hand grip islands extension arm

When sizing up the tripods for this roundup, I first made a checklist that all tripods should check before being mentioned. By doing this, I was able to easily eliminate any products that wouldn’t be up to the test!

  • Size and Weight: One of the biggest benefits of recording with a GoPro or action camera is that they are incredibly small. Im sure we have all almost lost one at one point. So to follow suit, a good GoPro tripod should also be light and pocketable to not to be a burden when recording.
  • Mount Type: GoPro has a proprietary mounting system. They also offer a tripod mount for mounting to a standard tripod. Having one or the other may be a personal choice, I like the ones that mount straight to the GoPro, which a couple on this list do.
  • Functionality and Compatibility: What I mean by this is, how well does it fit in with why I’m using a GoPro in the first place? Besides the size and weight, being able to configure it to how I’m shooting that day is important. The best GoPro tripods for my tastes are those that can do more than one thing. Also, do those things simply.
  • Price: This isn’t always a huge concern. As you have gotten to me know about me, I’m not afraid to spend money on a useful and quality item. The reason I include price in this list is because I am always finding something cool to get for my GoPro.

Top 5 Best GoPro Tripods for Your Next Adventure!

1. GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod (GoPro Official Mount)

GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod (GoPro Official Mount) review

GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod Specifications

Weight: 13.4 ounces
Collapsed Height: 7.5″
Extended Height: 20″
Maximum Load: 10 ounces
Price: Click here to find latest price

GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod Review

Coming in on top of the ladder is the multi purpose (GoPro Offical) tripod combo. I picked this particular model as my number one pick as it gave me the most functionality and could be used in almost any video recording situation.

Also being a GoPro offical product I knew I would be able to easily “plug n pay” with my current GoPro and other accessories. It’s nice when everything just works seamlessly together!

GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod selfie stick vlog

Size and weight of this unit was comfortable considering the amount of positions this tripod can adjust to. Folded up, the tripod itself is 7.5 inches which fitted well into my palm for recording. Having the rubberised grip also made it feel very secure in my hand.

But for me, what really sets this tripod apart from the rest is the 3-way configuration. I can use this as a pole, selfie stick, hand grip, extension arm and as a tripod/monopod. While GoPro advertises 3-way configuration, I got about 6 different uses! Not bad!

Also in the base of the pole is a set of tripod legs. You wouldn’t know they were there unless someone pointed it out to you (or you read the instructions, which I never do) so that was a nice surprise. I found these tripod legs came in real handy for those lovely time lapse shots.

A cool thing about these tripod legs is that they can be reversed which turns the grip into a standing monopod/tripod. Alternatively the legs can be used as its own individual standalone tripod which was a nice touch. So technically this unit could be used with two GoPro’s, as long as you had an extra mount.

Mounting my GoPro Hero 4 to all of the components of this 3-Way grip was incredibly simple which is what I would expect from a GoPro product. Once attached I was then able to adjust the angle of the camera which allowed for more precision when framing the shot.

As for the selfie stick/extension arm, the adjustability of the arm segments really make this stand out. I could easily adjust the angle and curvature of the arm for almost any desired shot which was great for follow cam and surfing.

Overall this 3-Way Grip was easily one of the best GoPro tripods that I used and is certainly my go to for when I’m packing my camera bag. Cant go wrong with this one!


2. GoPro Shorty (Mini Extension Pole + Tripod) (GoPro Official Mount)

GoPro Shorty (Mini Extension Pole + Tripod) (GoPro Official Mount) review

GoPro Shorty (Mini Extension Pole + Tripod) Specifications

Weight: 2.24 ounces
Collapsed Height: 4.6″
Extended Height: 8.9″
Maximum Load: 7 ounces
Price: Click here to find latest price

GoPro Shorty (Mini Extension Pole + Tripod) Review

Another GoPro branded product, this inexpensive grip also extends/telescopes to be a short pole or selfie stick and becomes a mini tripod by separating the fold in grip until they spread out as legs. All in all it can extend to 8.9″ which is more than enough to hide an arm from frame.

For all it does, you would think that this grip would be a lot heavier than it actually is (2.24 ounces). I attribute that to it being almost completely made of plastic. A high impact, good quality plastic, but plastic is what it is.

The only real impact in my eyes is that the legs aren’t quite as solid as I wished. Still, for a camera the size and weigh of a GoPro Hero, it probably won’t really matter that much.

GoPro Shorty (Mini Extension Pole + Tripod) selfie vacation travel

Being a genuine GoPro product, it of course comes with a mount which is compatible with all GoPro models. This touches on the above point I made about using compatible accessories that allow you to start recording in an instant. This one is no different.

Used as a grip, the Shorty was surprisingly comfortable and felt very secure in my hand. However one gripe I had is that when I was adjusting my grip or extending the legs, there was some noticeable squeaky noice. Luckily this didn’t show up a lot on the playback, except for a few times. Not major, but worth noting.

After using this GoPro tripod for some time, I came to quickly realise why they named it “Shorty”. This accessory is seriously travel friendly and fitted in my smallest of pockets. While it is short at 4.6″, being able to telescope the legs was also really beneficial for framing certain shots. The pivot mount also made framing a breeze.

Overall I was really impressed with this unit and it easily deserves a spot on my best GoPro tripods list. If you are after a tripod and grip only, you can save yourself a few bucks as this will definitely cover those bases. 


3. Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod

Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod review for gopro

Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod Specifications

Weight: 0.42 lbs
Collapsed Height: 5.11″
Extended Height: 5.11″
Maximum Load: 2.2 pounds
Price: Click here to find latest price

Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod Review

Next up on my list is the mightily small Pixi from Manfrotto. This is the first third party GoPro tripod in my list, but it is well deserved because of its durable construction, compatibility and ridiculously low price point.

The Pixi has a standard ¼” 20 camera screw which makes it great for point and shoot and even DSLR cameras. But to use it on my GoPro Hero, I had to use the mount adapter. If you don’t already have that, you can get the Pixi in a kit that has the mount adapter and a phone adapter which covers all devices.

When is came to the build quality of this tripod, I was pleasantly surprised as it is made mostly of metal which made it feel incredibly solid for its size. This also added to my confidence knowing my GoPro would be in safe hands.

What I loved most about this Manfrotto Pixi was its ball head design which is hard to come across on tripods this size. Generally this feature is reserved for traditional DSLR tripods. Using the ball head was great for easy framing of videos and also came in real handy for shooting YouTube Vlogs.

Like the above GoPro Shorty, this unit provides the same benefits of being a hand grip and tripod combo. The only real difference is that this model is marginally cheaper and is compatible with more cameras. So if you are willing to get a third party tripod, this might be the one! Highly recommended!


4. Gorillapod Flexible Tripod With GoPro Mount Adapter

Gorillapod Flexible Tripod  With GoPro Mount Adapter review

Gorillapod Flexible Tripod  With GoPro Mount Adapter Specifications

Weight: 5.6 ounces
Collapsed Height: 9″
Extended Height: 9″
Maximum Load: 7 ounces
Price: Click here to find latest price

Gorillapod Flexible Tripod  With GoPro Mount Adapter Review

The Gorillapod line of products from Joby is an interesting item. This rubber coated metal and plastic tripod is one of the oddest looking tripods I have come across in a long time. Those uncomfortable thoughts of HG Wells or Lovecraft creatures go away once you actually use a Gorillapod, though.

The reason for getting one of these reasonably priced tripods is those legs. Besides being almost infinitely adjustable for uneven ground, these legs also double as a grab on to anything clamp.

I wrapped it around a fence, around a tree branch, on a bike frame, on a truck bed, on a ski/hiking pole, and even around my forearm! Cool! These legs are truly octopus like and can attached to almost anything!

Gorillapod Flexible Tripod go pro snowboarding skiing

This GorillaPod uses a quick release for camera mounting and it comes with two different quick release plates. One is ¼” 20 for most cameras, and the other is the GoPro mount. So, it’s easy to set up for any action cam vids you may have in mind.

Some people have told me that the legs loosen up after shooting for while, but I didn’t notice that. I put it through some real action, too.

I have used GorillaPod’s many times in the past for my YouTube channel which I record with a Canon 70D. For this I opted for a larger tripod as the maximum load capacity was needed. But if you plan on shooting with just a GoPro, this is a great option!


5. Smatree Q3 Telescoping Selfie Stick With Tripod

Smatree Q3 Telescoping Selfie Stick With Tripod review

Smatree Q3 Telescoping Selfie Stick With Tripod Specifications

Weight: 15.2 ounces
Collapsed Height: 18″
Extended Height: 36″
Maximum Load: 10 ounces
Price: Click here to find latest price

Smatree Q3 Telescoping Selfie Stick With Tripod Review

Another inexpensive addition to my list of best tripods for GoPro tripods, this is the second longest pole on it. It has a ball and socket head on the camera end of it and comes with an adapter for smartphones and one for the GoPro line of cameras.

Use it as an extension pole or a selfie stick, compacted down it is a great grip. Unscrew the end of the handle to release the tripod feet and now it can be used as a self standing monopod. Its all aluminum construction keeps lightweight even while giving it good strength.

The ball head is fully functional, so the camera can be put in any orientation necessary for the action. The adapters screw in to the standard screw mount on the head. The phone adapter seemed a little weak, but the GoPro adapter was nicely made.

All Things Said and Done.

The GoPro 3-Way Arm is probably the most useful thing on this list, but it’s also the most expensive item. All of them performed well enough for just about any user, though. The best tripod for GoPro cameras for you is on this list. Like Axel Foley said at the end of Beverly Hills Cop, “Trust me!”