Top 17 Best Photography Schools In India

Best Photography Schools in India

India is one of the largest economies for film making, video production, and film and digital photography in the world. As one of the most populous countries, there is no shortage of opportunities for photography. 

There are many good reasons to attend any one of the best photography schools in India. The various schools offer a wide variety of photographic instruction, as well as various way the training is provided. From multi year degree and diploma programs, to shorter term intensive and specific studies, the best photography schools in India likely have something for you.

Top 17 Best Photography Schools In India To Master The Art

1. The Light and Life Academy (LLA), Ooty

The Light and Life Academy (LLA), Ooty

Light and Life Academy is one of the best photography schools in India for a variety of reasons. The vision used by the founders was to create a place that was equal parts learning and training. Life and Light Academy was founded in 2001 as a not-for-profit education trust, originally backed by Kodak India and Eastman Kodak.

It is the first custom designed, completely equipped facility in India set up exclusively for professional photographic instruction. 

The professional photography diploma program is a one year course of study that mixes classroom instruction with hands on, real world work experience. Prerequisites are a full formal education and any degree. In lieu of a degree, appropriate work experience can be substituted for a degree. So, the student body is a mix of young students and established professionals advancing their knowledge and ability.

Course study is determined by the needs of the students. If students are desiring to be professionals in a specific field, then the course study for that student proceeds toward that goal. Graduates are well equipped for a career in advertising, wedding, architectural, or other styles of photography.

A separate diploma course is offered in Travel and Nature photography. Though also a genre of professional photography, Travel and Nature has enough different about it to require a different training curriculum. One of the advantages of the Travel and Nature course is the contribution of several National Geographic contributors.

Another diploma course is the photojournalism class. This has subject matter geared towards a goal of a career in magazine or news photography. In addition to the three diploma courses, shorter workshops are taught in these subjects and others.

2. A.J. Kidwai Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

A.J. Kidwai Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Part of the larger and well respected university system of Jamia Millia Islamia, the mass communication research center was set up in 1982. A graduate school, it offers Masters and postgraduate degrees in a variety of arts subjects relating to photography and media.

Degree programs include Mass Communication, Convergent Journalism, Development Communication, Graphics and Animation, Still Photography, Acting, and Broadcast Technology.

AJK is one of the premier photography degree institutions in the world, only 20 or so students are admitted to the program each year. It collaborates with York University of Toronto Canada.

Besides still photography, cinema and TV degree programs are also available. For any of the degree programs, fully equipped student labs allow for a complete work and learning experience.

Alumni include some of the most successful film and photography professionals in India. Screen writers, directors, producers, and other pros are former students of this institute.

3. Delhi College of Photography

Delhi College of Photography

A one year diploma course is offered by this school. Subjects available for instruction are a basic photography course, and courses specifically for wildlife photography, wedding photography, fashion photography, and filmmaking.

Classroom instruction is supplemented by actual work experience in the field. 

Founded in 2013, the Delhi College of Photography has a faculty consisting of professional photographers from several different disciplines.

Students can be anywhere from absolute beginners in photography, to active and established professional seeking to advance their careers and capabilities.

4. Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad

Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad

Originally established in 1940 as the College of Fine Arts, it was reorganized and became the Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University in 1972.

The school offer several undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD research programs in Painting, Applied Arts, Photography, Animation, Sculpture, as well as several degrees related to Architecture, Design, and Planning.

Permanent and visiting faculty are generally professionals in their respective fields themselves. This also helps foster an atmosphere of cooperation with business and industry leaders. Internships and vocational studies are encouraged, and collaborative relationships often continue well past graduation.

5. Asian Academy of Film and Television

Asian Academy of Film and Television

Affiliated with the International Film & Television Research Center and the Marwah Films & Video Studios, Asian Academy of Film and Television was established 1993 in Noida.

As the name suggests, the academy has a focus on film and TV, accepting students from worldwide, over 100 countries. 

Though it offers numerous undergraduate and graduate degrees in the various aspects of Cinema and TV, the academy also has shorter, non degree courses in still photography subjects and journalism. Degree programs include Cinema, Acting for Film and TV, Camera and Lighting Techniques, Post Production, Visual Communication, Film and TV Production Direction, Video Editing & Sound Recording, Camera & Lighting Techniques, Acting & Presentation, Screenplay Writing, Music Production, and Dance.

6. Osmania University

Osmania University

One of the first public universities to hold classes in the Urdu language, Osmania was opened in Hyderabad in 1918, adding undergrad, grad, and postgrad degrees in dozens of disciplines throughout the years.

This giant educational system has literally hundreds of schools under the main school. A BFA is offered in Photography. There are also degree courses in Astronomy, Business Management, Law, Social Science, Mechanical Engineering, and many other subjects.

7. National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

 National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Bachelors, Masters, and PhDs are offered by this school established in 1961. Operating as an autonomous national institution, the National Institute of Design is managed under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and the Government of India.

Created to aid business in India, the institute opens the Masters program to 15 students a year, while several different Bachelors programs are open to many more. 

There are also international programs available as well as online instruction in certain disciplines. 

8. Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts

Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts

Based in Mumbai since 1935, this school has roots in the Sir J.J. School of Art which was founded in 1857. 

BFAs, MFAs, and postgraduate degrees are available in various fields of the Arts, including photography, computer graphics, and illustration. Only 20 students are admitted per session per subject.

Sir JJ stands for the philanthropist Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, 1st Baronet Jejeebhoy of Bombay. A national hero, Sir JJ was very successful in business, allowing him to fund and open several different schools in India, in addition to opening hospitals, schools, homes of charity, and pension funds throughout the nation of India.

9. National Institute of Photography

National Institute of Photography

In Mumbai since 1983, the NIP instructs aspiring photographers in the business, art, and science of photography. 

Classes last up to six months for the diploma courses, some shorter workshops are also taught. Classes are available in tabletop photography, macrophotography, wedding photography, fashion photography, lighting techniques, videography, and photo editing. 

Teaching methods included classroom instruction in the theory, science, and history of photography, and on hand photo work to put those things learned into practice.

10. The Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation

The Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation

A range of degrees from undergraduate to grad and post grad in photography and animation has been offered since 2008 from this school in Kolkata. 

Other degree courses are available in gaming and wildlife and nature photography. Wildlife photography is a great field to study in India because of the abundance of fascinating wildlife on the Indian subcontinent. Elephants, tigers, deer, a large variety of reptiles, all call India home.

Nature photographers  also will have a wonderful time in India due to the all the different climates and topography. From beaches, to the tropics, to mountains, and beautiful cities.

The field trainings and workshops for all these photographic genres are an exciting addition to classroom learning. Some wildlife excursions may be operated for several days, teaching not  just the photographic methods, but also the skills necessary to successfully track animals in nature.

Student for a Day is an interesting program offered by this school. Basically, you can join a class in one of the subjects for a day, at no charge, to see if it’s something you want to pursue. This applies to classes in Animation, Film, Photography, and Game Design.

11. Pixel Institute of Photography

Pixel Institute of Photography

A brand new school, this institute was formed in 2016 in New Delhi. A film-making course is offered in association with the Australian Academy of Films and Television.

Classes for photography come in two month, four month, and one year lengths, with the one year course offering a diploma, the shorter ones a certificate.

A three month film making course is taught in conjunction with the Australian Academy of Films and Television. At the end of the course, students make their own short film which is then screened.

Based on this film project, some students will be offered a one year film making course. A selected student of the year from this course are offered an opportunity to join either a Hollywood or Bollywood production team on a feature film.

12. Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication (SACAC), New Delhi

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication (SACAC), New Delhi

Opened in 2003, the center offers a long term program for graduate students and several shorter certificate programs for students who have completed their primary and secondary education. 

Postgrad programs are awarded in Audio Engineering and Music Production, Photography, Advertising and PR, and Creative Documentary. Very few candidates are accepted so competition is intense to get into the courses.

The shorter certificate courses are offered in Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Music Production, Painting & Sketching, Music Business Management, and Photography Foundation. The Photography Foundation lass is a two month course for students wanting to transition from basic photography to advanced photography.

13. College of Art, University of Delhi, New Delhi

College of Art, University of Delhi, New Delhi

Established in 1942, this college offers BFA and MFA degrees in various different photographic disciplines. 

The BFA in Visual Communications is what would interest photographers. Course studies with this class include Web Design, Video, Camera, Animation, Film Editing, Interface Design for Interactive CD, Games, Computer Graphics Creative writing, Copy Writing, and Screen Play Writing. So, in addition to the still photography, a lot of emphasis is given to cinema.

14. Darter Photography Workshops

Darter Photography Workshops

Group and private photography tours are an opportunity to gain valuable instruction and experience.

Darter Photography Workshops has tours from the high mountains of the Himalayas to the tropical jungles and beaches of southern India. What makes these tours a form of photographic instruction is that the tours are mentored. 

Darter also teaches workshops. One workshop is for beginners, a two day workshop on Introduction to Digital Photography. The other is an advanced workshop for one day on Post-processing with Adobe Lightroom and Studio and Outdoor Photography Lighting.

Private photography tours are available in India, Bhutan, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Kyrgyzstan.

15. Indian School of Photography

Indian School of Photography

Indian School of Photography has several different 6 day courses, generally conducted over 3 weekends, in various different aspects of photography.

Foundation in photography is designed for beginner enthusiasts. It assumes you know how to use a camera and are already a pretty good photographer, but want to get past the automatic modes. Foundation Intensive goes on from there, teaching composition, exposure, and lighting basics in a twelve day course.

The Advanced course teaches in ten days lighting techniques, post processing, and studio photography. 

One year diploma course are in Photojournalism, Commercial Product Photography, and Fashion Photography. 

A 25 hour master class on Photoshop is a great way to learn the basics of image editing. Custom workshops for corporate clients can be designed based on the needs of the company or group.

16. Udaan School of Photography

Udaan School of Photography

Weekend photography courses are available in basic and advanced photography, commercial photography, and journalism. 

Photoshoot workshops are also conducted in swimsuit model shoots, wedding photography, studio photography, and several other kinds of photo shoots.

Both still photography and cinema courses are taught by faculty that are made up of top level professionals in their fields. Many students go on to successful careers and have also won international contests.

17. IIP Academy

IIP Academy

Offering degrees and sorter courses in photography, IIP has BFA programs in photography, one year diploma courses, one and two day workshops, and even online courses. 

The big claim to fame for IIP is how successful the academy is at placing their students in the work force. A 97%  placement rate is one of the best in the country for any type of school.

The state of the art Noida campus is one of the best photography schools in India.

Besides the portraits available, there are also lots of places to photograph. From amazing scenery to fascinating architecture. The advertising industry is vibrant as well. And the wedding photography business is huge, both local and as a destination.

This creates a need for quality photographic instruction. Whether you are looking for college degree or for another type of instruction, India has some outstanding photography schools. Some schools are primarily for citizens of the country, others allow for enrollment of anyone able to meet the legal requirements for studying or working in the country.