Top 15 Best Camera Lens Brands + Manufacturers 

A lens is one of the most important factors in how good a photographic is. The sensor or film is part of the equation, as is the skill and art of the photographer. But it’s the lens that is talked about being sharp or not. The best camera lens brands make lenses that fill the … Read more

15 Best Lens Filter Brands & Manufacturers

Top 15 Best Lens Filter Brands & Manufacturers

Say something about filters and photography in the same sentence and the average person might think you’re talking about a social media picture sharing app setting. Utter those same two words to a photographer and they will likely first think about the lens mounted optical glass filters. The best lens filter brands provide many amazing … Read more

Top 7 Best Tamron Lenses For Your DSLR Camera!

Tamron lenses have been a photographers favourite third party brand for as long as I’ve been in photography. Besides being extremely well made and having fantastic optics, Tamron lenses have also been innovative in regards to features and camera compatibility. Because of this, I have found some of the best Tamron lenses on the market! … Read more

Top 7 Best Tokina Lenses For Canon & Nikon Cameras!

I get many requests to help photographers decide on what lens to get next. Unfortunately there usually isn’t one perfect answer as there so many things to consider such as price, focal length and quality. So here are some of the best Tokina lenses that I have come across for both Canon and Nikon cameras. … Read more