Top 10 Photography Destinations In India

Photography Destinations India

Traveling to India isn’t just a holiday or a vacation – it’s an experience.

Whether it’s the strong beautiful aroma of tantalizing spices that fill the air or the sheer variety in the varying landscapes, India is a country where its many secrets can’t be discovered in just one trip.

With an almost endless amount of stunning locations, India is a photographer’s paradise.

So, to help you take that awesome sunrise selfie for your Instagram or Facebook, here are the top 10 destinations when traveling to India to take that perfect sunrise selfie or a sunset selfie.

Top 10 Photography Destinations In India To Capture Amazing Photos In 2023

1. Thar Desert

Nestled between the Aravalli mountain ranges in the Great Indian Desert, the Thar Desert offers some of the most impressive and magnificent photo opportunities you can find in India.

Also known as ‘The Desert City of India’, the sunrise can begin between 5 am and 8 am depending on the month you are visiting, so be sure to confirm before setting your alarm.

For those that catch the sunrise, a breathtaking view of vibrant orange melting over an ocean of sand dunes and mountain peaks awaits them.

As it requires a trek into the desert with a safari or tour group, it’s also a great chance to snap a cute selfie (or four) with an adorable camel!

2. Bhubaneswar

Considered one of the greenest cities in India, Bhubaneswar is home to over 600 Hindu temples.

Also known as ‘The City of Temples, it is also home to some of the most famous temples in India dedicated to Lord Shiva including Lingraj, Mukteshwar, and Puri temple.

Built-in the 10th century AD, Mukteshwar temple has a stunning stone archway and provides the perfect spot for a sunrise photo.

Depending on the month you visit, the sunrise can begin between 5 am and 6:30 am. Lucky travelers will experience the unbelievable view of the sun emerging from the mountains in the backdrop, as it casts a red tinge that covers everything it touches from the surrounding sandstone statues.

3. Kanyakumari

Located at the southern tip of the Indian peninsula, Kanyakumari is where the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean, and the Arabian Sea meet.

As an ideal location for both sunrise and sunset photos, Kanyakumari provides a picturesque view of the orange and red sky as it splashes across the surface of the deep blue ocean waters.

The sunrise in Kanyakumari usually begins at 6 am and also has a lighthouse along the beach which provides a unique spot for those wanting to snap a panoramic sunrise photo that captures the surrounding landscape in all its beauty.

4. Varanasi

Famous for being alongside the River Ganges, Varanasi is considered one of the most ancient holy cities in India.

Sacred in Hindu culture, it is believed that you must reach the city in order to be free from the eternal cycle of birth and death, which is referred to as ‘Moksha’.

Home to over 88 Ghats (river steps) along the banks of the River Ganges, they are seen as the doorsteps of heaven and are a great spot for a sunrise selfie.

Beginning around 5 am, the sunrise in Varanasi provides a spectacular backdrop of the sun rising over the River Ganges as boats drift along the horizon in its shadow. 

5. The Himalayas

Home to the untamed wilderness, wildlife, and over 40 million people, the Himalayas has an incredible amount of unique photo opportunities that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

There are many treks you can take such as the Annapurna, Mount Kangchenjunga, and Mount Everest circuit (not for the faint-hearted).

For a truly amazing sunrise selfie, trek down to Har Ki Doon Valley where colorful fields of Himalayan blossoms decorate the surrounding mountainsides.

A typical Himalayan sunrise begins around 5:20 am and showcases one of the most incredible views that will easily provide some of the best photos you will ever take.

Be sure to wear lots of warm clothing as you watch the cold blue tinge of the mountainside shadows melt away, as an intense orange explosion in the sky illuminates the kaleidoscope of colours from the Himalayan blossoms below. Not too bad for a morning selfie. 

6. Vagator Beach

Apart from trance music and massive raves, Goa is also famous for its picturesque and calming scenery such as Vagator Beach. A walk down to the beach around 6 am is the perfect time to snap an awesome sunrise selfie.

Ideal for landscape photos, Vagator beach has beautiful green palm trees swaying in the morning breeze, seagulls diving close to the breaking waves in search of breakfast, and a sense of calm that will make you forget about the world.

Perfect for the inner romantic if you are traveling with your partner, the sunrise at Vagator Beach paints a gorgeous picture of the distant ocean skyline giving birth to the rising sun as it brings forth the new day.

7. Nubra Valley

Located in the northeast of Ladakh, the remote Nubra Valley is an oasis of colors that rewards travelers after a long trek through the region.

The Nubra Valley is known for its 32-meter landmark Maitreya Buddha statue near the Diskit Monastery.

Starting around 5:20 am, the sunrise over Nubra Valley is a truly breathtaking sight. Shades of dark brown, white, and light grey from the nearby cliffs and mountains mix into hues of vivid red, lush green, and rich orange.

Visitors will gaze in complete awe as the light glistens off the turquoise blue water of nearby rivers as the sun rises to reclaim the skies. 

8. The Great Rann Of Kutch

Located in Gujarat in the Kutch District, The Great Rann of Kutch is a salt marsh situated near the Thar Desert.

It stretches to around 7, 500 square kilometers and is considered to be one of the biggest salt deserts found in the world.

Surrounded by the Little Rann of Kutch and the grassland ecosystem of the Banni Grasslands Reserve, the Great Rann of Kutch is one of the hottest regions in India and can reach up to around 50 °C during summer.

Surrounded by a vast white landscape as far as the eye can see, the sunrise can begin between 6 am and 7:30 am depending on when you are visiting.

As the blanket of salt that covers the desert reflects the sky, this is an incredible spot no matter what time of day you are visiting.

Sunrise can see the white landscape become enveloped by a wave of bright and intense red. Sunset can see multiple shades of orange wash over the desert, while a full moon can see the entire desert enter a twilight world of dramatic blue and lucid aqua. 

9. Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake is located in Meghalaya and covers 220 square kilometers. It’s also a major tourist attraction, but just Google some pictures and it’s hard not to see why.

Popular for activities such as water cycling, kayaking, and boating, Umiam Lake is also popular for serving tourists some of the most spectacular views of the sunrise in India.

Be sure to take heaps of panoramic shots as there is an abundance of greenery including trees, grasslands, mini islands, and mountains.

Be sure to set your alarm early though as the sun begins to rise around 4:30 am, but it is totally worth it.

As the darkness from the early hours of the morning dissolves behind the golden aura of the rising sun, the cobalt waters of the lake turn into flowing oceans of lava that glow through the morning mist.

10. Tiger Hill

Tucked away up high in the mountains of Darjeeling, Tiger Hill has an altitude of 2, 590 meters and is the best place to view the surrounding mountains and valleys below.

It provides an astonishing view of Kanchenjunga, Mount Everest, and the lush tea estates that are littered throughout Darjeeling.

Beginning around 5 am, the sunrise at Tiger Hill provides a unique view that is surely going to drain your camera battery.

As it is incredibly dark before the sunrise, visitors are treated to the most enchanting spectacle as the sun peaks through a bottomless dark pit.

As the crimson horizon slowly eats away the darkness, a looming red blaze of light cracks opens the sky to reveal fields of blossoming flowers such as pure white magnolias and violet rhododendrons. 


There’s nothing worse than coming back from a trip or holiday and not having a collection of amazing photos to remind us of the best moments of our experience.

India is not only an amazing holiday destination but also one of the best places in the world to witness a breathtaking sunrise and snap a few incredible selfies that will make anyone jealous.

If you’re heading over to India for your next holiday, keep these top 10 destinations in mind and make sure that you grab a sunrise selfie that is unlikely to ever be topped again!