5 Best Zomei Tripods + Reviews (Are They The Best Budget Tripods)

Top 5 Best Zomei Tripods + Reviews

As photographers, a fairly large number of us are always on the lookout for a better way of doing things.

A lot of us also upgrade periodically while others are trying things they haven’t done before. The best Zomei tripods have something to satisfy all of the above.

In certain types of photography such as HDR and panoramic, a tripod is a virtual necessity. Using specialty macro lenses, ultra telephotos, or extremely long exposures, a tripod is absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately, tripods add a layer of complexity to photography. For one, they require us to slow down and be deliberate, which can really be a good thing.

A tripod also adds size, weight, and setting up to our photographic gear and workload.

Thankfully, we have found several very nice tripods to choose from, from a variety of manufacturers so keep on reading!

5 Best Zomei Tripods + Reviews In 2023

1. ZOMEI Z818 Tripod/ Monopod Orange Review

ZOMEI Tripod, Camera Tripod, Heavy Duty Camera Tripod Camera Travel Z818 Tripod Aluminium Alloy Monopod with 360 Panorama Ball Head Quick Release Plate Ball for DSLR Canon Sony Nikon Cameras(Orange) Review

Orange is the new black for multi-use tripods. This four section leg travel tripod is a good mix of compactness and usable size for general use. Legs lock and unlock with twisting knurled knobs.

As far as the size for this general use tripod, it is a very usable size. Maximum height is 65 inches and it can hold up to 33 pounds of gear.

That means you could mount a full-frame camera with a large telephoto lens to it. It is certainly capable of holding a moderately sized still photography or video camera.

A ball and socket head tops the tripod legs, giving you as a photographer a lot of options for setting up the proper configuration for whatever the picture-taking situation.

Importantly, the head is a good, moderate duty ball and socket with a quick-release plate.

With a ball and socket head, the camera rig can be positioned any way you need it. Since the center column is reversible, this means you can get right down to almost ground level. This is especially useful for nature macro photos.

The way to reverse the column leads to another feature of this tripod. You have to remove the center column in order to put it in the reversed position. Taking it out reveals that the center column can be used separately as a monopod.

Stability is really very good. The legs lock down securely and can be set at three different spread angles.

The center column is extendable to reach the maximum height. Those legs can swing around 180 degrees in order to make the smallest possible profile for travel or storage.

Aluminum and magnesium make up most of the tripod, adding to the strength and keeping weight down. Just under four pounds with the ball and socket head attached.

Additionally, the price is very reasonable, too, making this travel tripod one of the best Zomei tripods you could get.


2. ZOMEi M8 75”Aluminium Camera Tripod Review

ZOMEi 75'' Tripod, Camera Tripod Aluminium Alloy Professional Tripods 4 Section Horizontal Tripod with 360 Degree Ball Head Plate for Canon DSLR DV Scope Camcorder and Projector Review

Heavier duty than the previous tripod, this model will be the best Zomei tripod for you if you are searching for the ultimate in versatility at a reasonable price.

One of the best features of this tripod is the horizontal adjustment capability of the center column.

Pull up the column until you can access the swivel point, swing the column into an arm, and add horizontal travel to your capability.

The center column is also reversible, allowing ground-level shooting. With the strong ball and socket head, horizontal bar, and low-level mounting, you could get right up to a close up subject.

Mounted up top, the horizontal bar makes overhead shoots, such as flat art or products, as simple as adjusting it back and forth.

One thing to be aware of is that using the column horizontally could get off balance with heavier cameras and lenses.

This is probably why Zomei lists the maximum load capacity at a little over half of the load-carrying capacity of the travel tripod above.

The maximum height of the tripod is 75 inches. The extendable center column coupled with four-section legs is what gives it the height.

With legs folded backward, the tripod collapses to under 19 inches. With a weight under four pounds, this is an easy tool to carry or store.

An extra plus feature is that the center column converts into a very nice monopod.


3. ZOMEI Z818C Compact Light Weight Travel Tripod Review

ZOMEI Compact Light Weight Travel Portable Aluminum Camera Tripod for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR Camera with Carry Case(black) Review

If you are need of a lightweight, tall, and yet compact tripod for still or video, this model is the best Zomei tripod for you.

Definitely a lighter-duty tripod, it still has plenty of strength for most smaller cameras in order to capture high-quality images and video.

Weighing in at two and a half pounds, this tripod collapses quite compactly due to its four section legs.

Spreader bars connecting the legs to the central column sleeve helps to maintain stability despite it being so light.

The quick-release system for the tripod head is strong and secure. The pan and tilt head itself works smoothly, allowing for fairly even pans during video recording.

Constructed from aluminum and strong plastic, this tripod is very portable, meaning you will be more likely to take it with you and actually use it.

The price is very low, even for a budget band, scarcely more than a higher capacity memory card.

Height is limited, only 55 inches, but that is a pretty usable height for many situations, especially if using the live view function on your camera. Otherwise, you’ll be stooping over a bit when using this.


4. Zomei Q555 Lightweight Alluminum Tripod Review

Zomei Q555 Lightweight Alluminum Alloy Camera Tripod with 360 Degree Ball Head + 1_4_ Quick Release Plate for Canon Nikon Sony Samsung Panasonic Olympus Fuji DSLR and Camcorders Review

Photographers simply needing a basic tripod with decent height will be happy with this model.

Rising up to 62 inches on four-section legs, the tripod also collapses down to a small profile of only 17.5 inches. This size is small enough to fit in most backpacks.

Legs lock and unlock with levers, making operation rapid and simple. The Center column raises and lowers by using the twist-lock ring.

Even full extended, this tripod is stable and very usable for holding a moderately sized camera and lens rig.

The ball and socket head has a quick release system and can also be used for panoramas using the degree markings on the base of the head.

A good look at the ball and socket head supplied with of the best Zomei tripods reveals that it is well made and quite strong. Three lock knobs control the orientation of the mounted camera.

This Zomei also has a removable center column. You can reverse mount it for low level shots or use it separately as a monopod.

For the moderate price point budget, this tripod will satisfy the needs of a wide variety of photographers.


5. ZOMEi Z669C Portable Carbon Tripod Monopod Review

 ZOMEi Z669C Portable Carbon Tripod Monopod Kit & Ball Head Compact for Canon Sony, Nikon, Samsung, Panasonic, Olympus, Kodak, Fuji, Cameras and Video Camera Review

A carbon fiber tripod near the same price as most basic tripods, this item is one of the best tripods for all-around use.

Folding down to an ultra-compact 15 inches, it also raises to a full 60 inches. It accomplishes this by means of an adjustable center and five-section legs. They all lock and unlock with twist rings.

Carbon fiber construction material ensures vibration-free strength while having the lowest weight possible.

The ball and socket head is almost half the weight of the entire tripod. Carbon fiber is also very temperature resistant.

Quite advantageous for outdoor use, whether in the frozen mountains or on the burning sand of a desert.

Even though it’s lightweight, it can be used with moderately heavy cameras for still or video.

A hook allows hanging a weight under the tripod in order to keep it secure and stable with those cameras. Being carbon fiber, vibrations are already kept to a minimum.

If you are looking for one tripod for multiple uses, this may be the best Zomei tripod for you.

About the only thing missing compared to some other Zomei models is the maximum height limitation and no horizontal bar.

Otherwise, it’s one of the most versatile tripods around, and it still collapses to smaller than the length of a medium-size camera bag.

At the attractive prices of Zomei tripods, it’s a choice that could satisfy a lot of different photographers.


Who Is Zomei?

Who Is Zomei

Zomei manufactures photographic accessory equipment in China and its products are available from online retailers as well as brick and mortar camera stores worldwide.

The company makes many accessories in addition to their fine still and video tripods such as ring lights, electronic flash, and lens filters.

Their lens filters include special-purpose filters including IR and star point, also circular polarizers.

Being a large and relatively new company, part of the appeal of Zomei accessories is that they are less expensive than the same product from some other brands.

Despite being very budget-friendly, the quality of Zomei photographic products is very good. Functions and features are very well designed and implemented virtually perfectly.

Since they have come onto the worldwide market, the best Zomei tripods have garnered a lot of positive attention.

Due in part to their outstanding features and also because of their very attractive prices.

The best Zomei tripods are performing quite well for them (up to a point), so any lighter using hobbyist or beginner will likely be quite content with Zomei tripods and their other accessories.

The point I mentioned above relates to the fact that these products are not really heavy-duty, but what I would label medium duty.

For many users, the features and the pricing will easily outweigh the need for heavier duty tripods. But if you have the need for something else, you may wish to consider other options.

Otherwise, the features on some of these tripods are very desirable for serious shooters.

How I found the best Zomei Tripods

How I found the best Zomei Tripods

What criteria do I use to find a tripod I will be comfortable both using and recommending?

As an FYI, this criteria list is not weighted. In other words, it’s not a top to bottom ranking.

For instance, sometimes overall weight is more important than height extension, or vice versa.

  • Size – Height is one part of size; it has too tall enough to be usable for my needs. The other consideration for size is how compact it folds up for transport and storage.
  • Weight – A tripod needs to be heavy enough to be a stable platform, but not so heavy that it’s troublesome to transport.
  • Ease of use – Suitable features are good; these features also need to be easy to use or access.
  • Functionality – A tripod’s basic function is clear, how the tripod does that function can vary. This is where special features come in, such as converting to a monopod or adjusting horizontally.
  • Materials – Aluminum, high-grade plastics, and maybe even carbon fiber is the generally expected materials. The thickness of the materials may also be important, especially if using heavier camera gear.
  • Price – In order to qualify as a budget-friendly tripod, the price should be reasonable but doesn’t need to be a bargain basement.