Best Indoor Photography Settings (5 Examples)

In this modern world, a lot of people spend a lot of time indoors. Climate control, protection from the elements, and pleasant acoustics are common in most indoor locations. Knowing good indoor photography settings allows us as photographers to capture the images we want from these indoor locations. Indoor photography settings will probably be different … Read more

Macro Photography Settings + Tips & Real World Examples

macro photography eye ball pupil camera settings

Macro photography is one of the most interesting types of photography to get involved in. For some photographers, the thought of certain types of photography causes a little anxiety. Being unfamiliar with how certain photo jobs are done, these photographers might wonder what the best macro photography settings are, and how to set up the … Read more

Street Photography Settings + (5 Images & Camera Settings)

street photography settings

André Kertész, Vivian Maier, Robert Frank, Diane Arbus, Gordon Parks, Henri Cartier-Bresson.  That is the world’s shortest list of street photographers whose work can be considered classic and timeless, while still being relevant and influential today. I could easily list dozens of names, including several current photographers. Looking at their work, the street photography settings … Read more

Golden Hour Photography Settings + Tips & 5 Examples

tips on how to capture golden hour photography

The Golden Hour! A perfect time to take photos. The quality of light adds a special feel to portraits, landscapes, city scenes, and other subjects. The best golden hour photography settings will allow a photographer to capture that special light at that special time. Ok, let’s get stuck into the best settings for golden hour! … Read more

Best Moon Photography Settings + Tips & Real World Examples

moon photography camera settings

The Full Moon! Images of Earth’s large natural satellite have been in art since prehistory. There are even names for different Full Moon events throughout the year. Harvest Moon, Wolf Moon, Hunter’s Moon, and so on. Successfully imaging the Moon with modern equipment requires using the correct Moon photography settings. While many people love looking … Read more

How To Convert RAW To JPEG In Lightroom In 3 Simple Steps!

If you are new to using Lightroom, it can be a daunting editing software at first to use. But after a few hours of use, you can start to see the simplicity behind its design. I know it took me quite some time to get a hang of. One thing you may be trying to figure … Read more

How To Convert PNG To JPEG On Mac, Windows, iPhone & Android

When it comes to images, unfortunately not all are made equal. With any image format, there are some clear advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs. This is where image conversion comes in handy. So if you want to save yourself a lot more space by converting your images, then you’re in luck! I have … Read more