Top 10 Best Film & Photography Schools In Germany

Best Film & Photography Schools In Germany

Germany has had a long history with art, art movements, and expression. It should come as no surprise that Germany hosts some of the best schools for photography and film.

The best film & photography schools in Germany are varied in how the education and training are offered. Some are degree programs while others are shorter studies.

What they all have in common is a commitment to excellence and comprehensive courses of study. Some of these are going to be conducted in German, others may have studies available in other languages, such as English.

Top 10 Best Film & Photography Schools In Germany

1. Met Film School Berlin

Met Film School BerlinFrom four week short courses to Masters degree programs, Met Film School Berlin is one of the best film & photography schools in Germany. Masters are available in Cinematography, Directing, and Documentary. The program offers students the opportunity to split the program between Berlin and London.

Originally founded in London in 2003, the Berlin location was opened in 2012. About 98% of the students come from outside Germany and all courses are taught in English.

Based in an actual working studio, Met Film School gives degree candidates the opportunity to learn by real, hands on studio and location work.

Besides the Masters programs, the school also has several undergraduate programs. Also included in available studies are shorter study courses lasting several weeks. Courses include, acting, film editing, and sound.

2. University of Applied Sciences Europe

University of Applied Sciences Europe

With multiple location in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, courses here include training in still life, portrait, fashion, advertising, and artistic photography. In existence since 2017, University of Applied Sciences Europe offers Bachelors and Masters programs in various fields of business, media, and design.

Specifically for the art and photographic field, degrees are available in Photography, Film and Motion Design, Communication Design, Illustration, Media Spaces, and Innovation Management.

Other courses of interest may include Journalism, Digital Management, Business and Marketing. 

Some of the courses are in German, others are in English. Instruction includes classroom and real world experience. Professors are successful professionals from the business and creative industries.

3. Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Offering undergrad, grad, and post grad studies in Art, Experimental Media, Film and Television, and Art and Media Studies, the Academy of Media Arts was established in 1990.

Taught in German, courses include Animation, 3D-Animation, and Games, Art and media studies, Art in public space, Performance, Artistic Photography, Creative production, TV and Internet, Documentary film, Feature film, Live directing, Experimental computer science, Experimental film, Video art, Image design, Camera, Computer networks and Code, Scriptwriting, Storytelling, Dramaturgy, and Sound art studies.

Training adheres to an interdisciplinary method and includes outside the classroom work projects.

4. Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin

Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin

Established in 1966, this school offers training in Cinema and Television. An all German school, it operates in conjunction with several other schools across Europe. 

A diploma based school, the German Film and Television Academy Berlin gives instruction in directing, cinematography, producing, screenwriting, and editing and sound. 

Directing, producing, cinematography, and editing students, complete their studies with the production and completion of a full film. For screenwriting students, they create a full screenplay. By doing so, the graduates actually have an accomplishment and real work history on their record upon graduation.

Though courses are taught primarily in German, some aspects of the school require reading, writing, and speaking English. Foreign applicants are required to prove their competency in German language skills.

5. University of Television and Film Munich

University of Television and Film Munich

Since 1966, this Munich film school has been one of the highest ranked schools for Film and TV in the world. One of the best things about this University is the student to teacher ratio. Averaging only nine students to every one instructor affords a very complete and comprehensive instructional experience.

With four film studios and four cinemas on campus, a hands on training environment is provided for almost all aspects of the film and television industry. An interdisciplinary approach to education is encouraged for all students.

Studies include Film and Television Drama Directing, Documentary Film and Television Reportage Directing, Film Production and Media Economics, Screenplay, Cinematography, Creative Writing, TV Journalism, Advertising, and Serial Storytelling. 

6. Merz Akademie

Merz Akademie

A university of art, design, and media, the school originally opened in 1918. With a heavy focus on research and experimental studies, the school publishes multiple research papers on science subjects each year. 

The academy has features of a school for humanities and a technical college, as well as being a full art academy. Bachelors and Masters degrees are available in a variety of disciplines. Taught in the German language, courses include film, video, visual communication, design, art, and new media.

Staff includes some of the top professionals and professors in their fields.  

7. Emerging Producers

Emerging Producers germany

A workshop for education and promotion of documentary film production, it was first organized in 2012. Conducted in two parts, only 18 documentary

8. Konrad Wolf Film University of Babelsberg

Konrad Wolf Film University of Babelsberg

An interdisciplinary approach toward Film and Art is taken by this university first opened in 1954. Originally an academy for art studies, it became a university for film in 2012. Classes are conducted in German.

Part of the schooling includes actual work experience. By the time a student receives their degree, they will have already been involved in multiple film and television productions. If taking courses in writing or acting, they will have been on stage in an actual production or completed a full script.

Awarding Masters and Bachelors degrees, courses of study include animation, animation directing, audio visual application design, cinematography, digital media culture, script and dramaturgy, film and television production, film culture heritage, film music, film and television directing, media science, editing, directing, drama, sound, sound for picture, scenography and production design, and scenography.

Several feature films have been produced or shot on campus with student participation.

9. Internationale filmschule köln

Internationale filmschule köln

Established in 2000, this school offers English language degree programs for Masters. Study subjects include 3D Animation for Film and Games, Serial Storytelling, and Digital Narratives. 

Post graduate programs are also available for Arts in Sound. This program is an intensive one year study in conjunction with multiple universities throughout Europe.

There are quite a few post graduate degrees in media arts, but not too many focus exclusively on sound for cinema and TV. This school offers one of the best of those.

Established professionals in the film and media can attend various workshops put on by the school each year, usually in the Summer. Specific technical instruction and hands on experience are provided in these workshops.

10. Film Academy Baden-Württemberg

Film Academy Baden-Württemberg

Established in 1991, this film academy is among the most renowned film schools internationally. It offers programs in cooperation with La Fémis in Paris and the National Film and Television School in London. 

They also work in conjunction with UCLA Film School to produce and make a short film throughout a workshop taught by professionals and professors from Europe and the USA. They even offer acting workshops for aspiring performers.

Courses and studies include  advertising film, animation, cinematography, documentary film, editing, film and series production, film music, film sound, fiction film, interactive media, motion design, production design, screenwriting, and TV journalism.

Successful alumni of this school include Academy Award winners and top professionals across all fields of film and TV production, making this one of the best film & photography schools in Germany.

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