How To Attach A Camera Strap To A Mirrorless, DSLR & P&S?

How To Attach A Camera Strap

DSLRs tend to be heavier cameras than comparable format mirrorless cameras, so properly attaching a strap can be the difference between dropping the camera, and dropping a whole lot of money on repairs.

If the camera has a round or triangular metal ring already on it, it’s simple to do. Get a strap with clips and attach the clip to each ring. Done!

How to attach a camera strap to a DSLR camera

Many of the better straps mount using a loop of the end of the strap, like using a belt strap. To begin with, face the strap the correct way. That way you avoid having to undo it and go through it all again. Thread the loose end of the strap through the metal loop.

Then, thread the loose end of the strap through the double loop ring or buckle attached to the strap. Push the upper portion of the strap through the top part of the buckle. Leave a little slack in the strap ends.

Thread the loose end of the strap through the top inside end of the double ring or buckle, then back down through the bottom outside opening of the buckle. Take out the slack to tighten it all up.

Repeat the steps on the other end of the strap.

If there are no metal rings attached, you may want to mount your own split rings to the camera strap lug. Some straps may use a thin plastic thread that you stick through a small hole on the camera mounting lug and thread it though the other end, then pull tight.

Some cameras have a propriety design for camera strap attachment. Instructions for that should come with the camera.

How to attach a camera strap to a mirrorless camera

Attaching to a mirrorless camera is almost the same exact procedure as what works for a DSLR.

The main difference is that many of the mirrorless camera have some sort of proprietary method for the actual camera lug. Others use the same D rings and split rings.

Hand grip straps also belong in this discussion. Many mirrorless cameras have specialty hand straps made specifically for their own brand. A hand grip can be a great way to hold on to a camera while shooting action. Either for still images or video.

How to attach a camera strap to a point and shoot camera

Adding a wrist strap to a point and shoot is frustrating to some people but is actually the easiest to do of all of these.

Thread the loop through whatever hole or bar is meant for it, open up the loop, push the strap through and pull tight.

There you go, no more dropping cameras! I strongly recommend using a camera strap whether you have a cheap or expensive camera. I find it gives me a lot more peace of mind when out capturing images.

You can also spend a bit of time and look for some cool strap for your mirrorless or DSLR camera. I personally prefer leather camera straps as they look particularly cool!