How To Setup And Use A Tripod Lawn Sprinkler

How To Setup And Use A Tripod Lawn Sprinkler coverLush green lawns are a petty site. If we’re lucky enough to have a really large yard, we sometimes may wish we had a better way of watering it. A built in sprinkler system would be nice, but there is the cost factor of installing and maintaining a large run of piping. Besides, it just may not be practical for some yards.

Should i use a tripod sprinkler for my garden?


An above ground sprinkler system like tripod sprinkler works extremely well. Big, tall, and portable, tripod sprinklers waters our large lawns easily.

By big, I mean they throw out a hefty volume of water over a large area, depending on water pressure of course. Besides the water pressure, there are other adjustments that allow us to use them effectively.

How to adjust a impact head on a tripod sprinkler

With most tripod sprinklers, the head is an impact head and many have various adjustments. We can adjust the arc they spray in. Say, 180 degrees or so on this side of the house, and fully 360 degrees in the middle of the yard.

There is sometimes a distance control dial, or a limiting flap. We might also be able to change the output from a steady stream to a mist by means of a diffuser mechanism. Below is a helpful video on setting your system up.

Not every tripod sprinkler has these variables, tho. And each of these variables might be adjusted differently on various brands and models. Some will employ flaps and diverters, others use dials and knobs. We also note that some impact sprinklers are best used with a higher water flow, in other words really opening up the outdoor spigot valve. Certain devices on some sprinklers won’t work properly with a weak water flow.

How to get the most of a tripod sprinkler

The tripod mounting is a big plus for versatility’s sake. It gets the sprinkler head up off the ground for a wider pattern than some other type of above ground sprinkler types. In addition, many have height adjustable tripods. Maybe my large lawn is landscaped with various different features. Do I have a rock garden? Maybe a hedgerow separating different  parts of my yard?

How To Setup And Use A Tripod Lawn Sprinkler

If I need to, I can find tripod sprinklers with adjustable height. I can then place my sprinkler in a good position to water this side and high enough that the water goes right over my hedges to refresh that previously continuously arid part of my lawn. You can check out our full guide here on tripod lawn sprinklers.

Yeah, baby! Now we’re talking!

A high enough tripod can even allow me to cover a very hilly yard, if that’s what I have. Or if my yard is somewhat uneven, I can adjust the legs for a level water throw. Some even let me tilt the sprinkler head.

A word of caution on all these adjustments, tho. If we tilt the tripod head too much, we might knock it down when we turn on our high water flow. Properly placed, not an issue, just something to think about. Don’t want to waste water with ineffective sprinkler use. Plus, it might annoy the neighbors.

A large yard, or a large with many different aspects can be effectively watered at minimal initial equipment cost with tripod sprinklers. This is also a good resource to learn more.