Zomei Q666 Tripod/Monopod Review

Zomei Q666 Tripod/Monopod Review

Tripods and monopods are essential parts of my photographic tool box. Without one or the other, any of my best images would not have been made. Or, if I was able to image the subject, the shot would probably not have been marketable.

So what if there was a product that was both a tripod and monopod? Fortunately there is the Zomei Q666 which I will review here today that covers both these bases! This makes it a good choice for any serious photographer or even a first time buyer trying to save some money.

Zomei Q666 Tripod/Monopod At a Glance

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Zomei Q666 Tripod/Monopod Review


Weight: 3.9 lbs
Collapsed Height: 15″
Extended Height: 62″
Maximum Load: 22 lbs
Head Type: Ball Head
Materials: Aluminum & ABS Plastics
Price: Click here to find latest price


Zomei Q666 Tripod/Monopod compacted legs

Weight is surprisingly on the modest side for such a full featured tripod. It’s not ultralight like a carbon fiber tripod, but the magnesium aluminum construction keeps it lighter than some other similarly sized tripods.

It comes in at just over 4 pounds with the supplied ball and socket head. When I decide I’m carrying a tripod with me, I simply plan for the extra bulk and weight added to my gear. Three or so  pounds is light enough that I can handle it with one hand if I have to.


Zomei Q666 Tripod/Monopod durability

Durability is a major concern when looking at a tripod or monopod. Being able to convert from tripod to monopod like this Zomei does adds the need for it to be very durable, since it is possible that this will get about twice the use of a tripod or monopod alone.

Major parts, the legs and center column, are made of an alloy of aluminum and magnesium. Besides offering  great strength for a tripod of this size and weight, it also means that it is virtually impervious to corrosion.

Other parts are well made, too. The twist lock rings are strong and they operate smoothly. The ball and socket head and quick release seem up to the task for long term, medium duty use. Even the rubber feet are thick and just the right balance between being soft and grippy and being hard and strong. Zomei has a good track record of making quality equipment that lasts a long time.


Zomei Q666 Tripod/Monopod maximum height

Height of the Zomei Q666, fully extended, is just shy of 5 ½ feet. I found this to be adequate for most uses, but I would have preferred a few extra inches. I hate having to be in a slightly stooped over posture for any length of time, but for the compact size this collapses into, I could put up with it.

One of the nice things about this tripod is the reversible legs. Fold the legs back, covering the head, and this unit is not much bigger than many travel size compacts I’ve tested.

While discussing height, let me describe how to convert this into a monopod. Unscrew the tripod head from the center column. One of the tripod legs also unscrews. Then, combine them together to make the very capable monopod.

You lose a few inches off of the maximum height, but the convenience of using the very strong monopod makes up for that lack. Butting it all back together as a tripod requires little effort, simply reverse the process.


Zomei Q666 Tripod/Monopod stability

Stability of smaller lighter tripods is going to differ from their larger brothers, that’s merely a matter of course. For the size and weight of this tripod, I thought it was very stable. The strength of materials, along with the multi angle adjustment capability of the legs, means I could mount a medium size rig on this and expect good results.

At home inside or in the great outdoors, I tested it with a variety of cameras and lenses. One thing I liked about it is that the center column is reversible, so I could use it in that configuration for macrophotography. That also lowers the center of gravity, allowing this lightweight tripod to be very stable for those close up shots.

Used as a monopod, stability depends a lot on the user. Having a quality ball and socket head, plus the magnesium aluminum alloy materials added to my ability to steady my camera and lens enough for the shots I was attempting at a soccer match I was at. The monopod  was easy to use and definitely strong enough for the moderately heavy lens I brought.

Weight Capacity

Zomei Q666 Tripod/Monopod weight capacity

As for the weight capacity, I actually felt more comfortable using the big, heavy lens I took to the soccer match with the Zomei Q666 set up as a monopod. Because I am part of the support in that configuration.

Used as a tripod, I would likely keep heavier rigs on the tripod with the center column not extended. Not a slight to the tripod, I think it’s merely a matter of physics. A larger, heavier tripod inspires more confidence in me when I am using my larger equipment.

The ad copy states a 22 pound capacity. I would say that, for most beginners with lighter weight cameras and lenses,  this tripod will do the job. For professionals on a job requiring the larger, heavier cameras and lenses, I would recommend the bigger Zomei convertible tripods.


Zomei Q666 Tripod/Monopod ball head

The ball and socket head supplied with this tripod was the perfect match. It is very well designed and added to my plus marks for the tripod when rating strength, stability, and durability. It has several knobs for controlling the adjustments.

One knob locks and unlocks the ball and socket movement, a different one allows for panning motion with the ball locked down, and one other knob adjusts the tension or fluidity of the ball and socket movement. A quick release plate mounts in securely, making this a good choice for action photography.

Wrapping It Up

My overall impression of this convertible tripod is positive. Not only is it strong enough to be more than capable for what many beginners will be using a tripod for, it also is very versatile with the monopod conversion. Serious users, including professionals, will be well served using the Zomei Q666.




1 thought on “Zomei Q666 Tripod/Monopod Review”

  1. I agree entirely Lewis- this is a great buy. Thanks for the review.
    I have researched the subject of the “ideal tripod” endlessly and after lots of though followed Lewis T to buy the Zomei Q666 on special offer on eBay UK at GBP £31.99 in June 2018 (about USD $40) which is less than its usual UK lowest online selling price of GBP £41.99 / USD $50.

    Crucially – the only useful tripod is one that you have with you.
    I own a rock solid Manfottro 190 with a fabulous multiway head that holds full frame 200mm F2.8s on my Nikon without a tremor – but it is almost never with me !

    When I travel I now use Micro 4/3 cameras with lenses from 8mm to 150mm (16-300mm equivalents on full frame cameras). I have tried several options to help low-light photography that pass the travel test – i.e. will fit in a small day sac and go into cabin hold luggage and weigh 2/3 of the benefit – while the Gitzo just saves the weight of a spare camera battery at 2.1 Kg vs 2.2 Kg for the Zomei.

    The issues of choosing a tripod fills peta-bytes of internet capacity – for the very good reason that there is always a compromise between stability, portability and cost and photographers want it all.

    For your choice in 2018 I agree with Lewis – if this Zomei Q666 is a very capable and competitive model for your shortlist. Mine is great. The free tripod bag is a bonus and the 25% price discount I got by watching the adverts over time for offers paid off. I am very satisfied (and believe me – I am fussy about kit and have rejected dozens of other tripods over the last year as they wouldn’t fit my size and weight specs or would shake when in use.

    For completeness – this tripod is also sold under other brand names with the same suffix “Q666” (just Google “Tripod Q666” and compare the images and prices).

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