Top 5 Best Vlogging Tripods To Up Your YouTube Game!

Best Vlogging Tripods

There are really only two things you need to start Vlogging. One being a camera and second being a tripod. But what are the best Vlogging tripods and what makes them so important?

YouTube has come along way from funny cat videos and illuminati conspiracy theories. Now we have top of the line content that is like nothing else out there.

Within the last three years, YouTube has had a rebirth with creators realising the true power of the platform. One specific group of people who have taken advantage of this are Vloggers.

In fact some of these “one man” show Vloggers have larger audiences than mainstream televisions shows. Amazing! With this new transformation of creating video, so to has the tools required to make these videos.

Why The Need For A Vlogging Tripod?

Along with having a camera, a tripod is also a essential tool in any Vloggers tool kit. This gives you the Vlogger more control and reach with your camera.

Having that extra reach keeps our arm out of frame while still being able to utilise a wide angle view. Because of this we have created an awesome buying guide of the best Vlogging tripods to get you started.

Incase you’re in a rush, here is a snapshot our favourite YouTube Vlogging tripods.

  • Joby GorillaPod (Editors Pick)
  • Manfrotto Mini Travel Tripod
  • Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod
  • CamRah Smartphone Tripod
  • Magnus VT-4000 Fluid Head Tripod

How We Found The Best Vlogging Tripods

Best Vlogging Tripods
Casey Neistat and his trusty GorillaPod.


Upon doing research for this article we first had to find out features and benefits made a Vlogging tripod great. Thankfully half of that research has been done with our team having over 5 years experience in videography and YouTube Vlogging.

Below are some things to consider and what we believe make a great video blog tripod.

  • Functional: If a tripod doesn’t make your life easier as a Vlogger, then it’s simply not worth the investment. By seeking out a tripod that helps you create with less barriers is what matters most.
  • Light Weight: With the nature of Vlogging, you tend to record on the go whether thats running to catch a plan or on a jet ski in Thailand. So having a light and travel friendly tripod is key to letting you get on with what you love.
  • Price Point: So you have stumbled across a amazing tripod but you then turn over the price tag. Ouch! Some tripods are simply way over priced, so being aware of whats out there will help your back pocket.
  • Adaptability: Vloggers use all types of camera from your mums point and shoot to thousand dollar DSLR’s. Having a tripod that can work with all these types of cameras is a must!

A Review Of The Top 5 Best Vlogging Tripods (Buyers Guide)

1. Joby GorillaPod (Editors Pick)

Best Vlogging Tripods

Joby GorillaPod Specifications

Weight: 1 lb (480 g)
Collapsed Height: 11.4″ (29 cm)
Extended Height: 11.4″ (29 cm)
Maximum Load: 3 lbs (1.5 kg)
Price: Click here to find the latest price

Joby GorillaPod Review

If you are fond of watching Vloggers (i’m sure you are) then you have most probably seen this tripod feature in many videos. However this isn’t by chance that this GorillaPod is adorned by Vloggers around the world. But why so?

Essentially this littler ripper of a thing ticks all of the essential boxes that a great tripod should and then some. Here are the core benefits that this tripod brings to the table.
  • Extremely Functional 
  • Light weight and not cumbersome 
  • Travel friendly, short and long distances
  • Its affordable (bonus!)
  • Adaptable for DSLR, Point & Shoots, Smarphones & GoPro’s
  • Bending the tripod adds extra stabilisation to the video

Above are the main reasons why Vloggers like Casey Neistat, RomanAtwood, Tanner Fox and David Dobrick choose this tripod. But when it comes to the functionality aspect, this tripod wins at giving extra extension which is hugely valuable when Vlogging.

Having that extra extension gives you a lot more control when trying to fit more in frame. This also gives you room to shift quickly while using a larger camera like a DSLR.

Being able to whip out your camera at a moments notice is the difference between getting a shot and falling flat. Having a GorillaPod definitely assists in helping you capture those moments on the fly. By having your GorillaPod and camera attached at all times, to can start competing in a instant.

Best Vlogging Tripods
Joby GorillaPod out in the wild, it really does attached to almost anything.


Another cool thing i like about the GorillaPod is that it can literally be attached to any surface, object or thing. Trust me I’ve tried.

Usability and performance

Gone are they days of extending out a 4 feet tripod and burning time getting it level. Now you just attach your camera via a GorillaPod to a branch, pole, chair or whatever you can find and its secured firmly thanks to its flexible ball joint leg design.

No time wasting and no fuss.

Overall this is a great inexpensive product that i believe every Vlogger or video enthusiast should own regardless of your subscriber count. The cost to value ratio is off the charts and is without a doubt the number once choice for our best vlogging tripods list. Highly recommended!


2. Manfrotto Mini Travel Vlogging Tripod

Best Vlogging Tripods

Manfrotto Mini Travel Tripod Specifications

Weight: 0.51 lbs (238 g)
Collapsed Height: 5.31″ (13 cm)
Extended Height: 5.31″ (13 cm)
Maximum Load: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
Price: Click here to find the latest price

Manfrotto Mini Travel Tripod Review

Next in our lineup of best Vlogging tripods is a hybrid between a traditional 3 leg tripod and the above mentioned GorillaPod.

Right from the get go you can tell this tripod is extremely small, like really really small. Coming in at only 0.51 lb and dimensions of 3 x 7.28 x 3 in. This makes it perfect for Vloggers who are conscious about keeping their setup light while still being functional with its aluminium legs.

Right from the get go you can tell this tripod is extremely small, like really really small. Coming in at only 0.51 lb and dimensions of 3 x 7.28 x 3 in. This makes it perfect for Vloggers who are conscious about keeping their setup light while still being functional with its aluminium legs.

While this tripod adds more reach when attached to a smartphone, GoPro or point and shoot camera, it doesn’t have the same flexibility as the above mentioned model. But thats a sacrifice when jumping down to a smaller model.

One thing to mention is that using this with a DSLR camera can be quite awkward. Using a DSLR will fit with a 1/4″ screw thread, but it is very top heavy as opposed to a GorillaPod.

Best Vlogging Tripods
The Manfrotto Mini Travel Tripod is also great for iPhone Vlogging.


While this tripod lacks some features it definitely picks up the slack in other areas which makes this a great alternative. One of the standouts that separates this rom other models is the quick release ball head movement. This makes it ideal for quickly setting up and composing a shot whether it be a time lapse or shoot and walk video.

I also forgot to mention that this Manfrotto is the cheapest tripod on this list at under $25.


3. Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod

Best Vlogging Tripods

Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod Specifications

Weight: 2.03 lbs (920 g)
Collapsed Height: 15.35″
Extended Height: 51.57″
Maximum Load: 3.30 lbs (1.5 kg)
Price: Click here to find the latest price

Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod Review

Next in our mugshot lineup of the best Vlogging tripods is the Manfrotto Compact Action tripod. If you are seeking a tripod that is more suited for studio use while being rigid, light, affordable and travel friendly, then this one might be for you.

After using this tripod on and off for the past two years, i have to say it has far surpassed my initial expectations from when i first purchased it.

As I am fond of landscape photography and Vlogging, this seemed like a good fit that would help fuse those two passions of mine together. This tripod came recommended to me by a YouTuber friend of mine and i am know passing the same onto you. If you are into makeup, beauty, tech and music video, this would be a great fit.  

I have used this tripod in heaps of locations from my room (studio), out hiking and on cary on luggage when heading overseas. For many tripods this would be hard due to the weight but this Manfrotto comes in at 2.64 lbs and packs down to 17.83 inches.

Best Vlogging Tripods
In this photo you can see the close up view of the joy stick control which is intuitive to use.


Having such a small footprint and being lightweight makes it great for chucking in the Samsonite carry on luggage or strapped onto the hiking pack. But how does it operate in the field? At the end of the day, thats what it really comes down to.

Usability and performance

Using this out int he field was a pleasure to use and uber quick to setup. With a quick release plate you can go from tripod to hand held in a instant. Also with the joystick like control you can manauver the head of the tripod quickly and lock it into place with its friction wheel.

While this tripod extends fully to 61.02″ i did find it a bit wobbly when extending out all the legs. This is something to take note it you plan on recording in windy conditions as you might get a bit of wobble. Other than that this model was a breeze to use.

Overall this a great prosumer tripod that is great for any Vlogger or enthusiast photographer. You simply cant go wrong with this one. It is hands down one of the best Vlogging tripods out there and comes highly recommended.


4. CamRah Smartphone Vlogging Tripod

Best Vlogging Tripods

CamRah Smartphone Tripod Specifications

Weight: 0.6 lbs
Collapsed Height: 10.8″
Extended Height: 10.8″
Maximum Load: 11 lbs (5 kg)
Price: Click here to find the latest price

CamRah Smartphone Tripod Review

Whats the best camera for YouTube Vlogging? Simply put, its the camera you have with you at any given time. 99% of the time you will always have your smartphone on you which makes it a perfect choice for recording your Vlogs.

Just because you’re using a iPhone or Android phone to record your video, it doesn’t mean its north worthwhile for its own tripod. In fact a smartphone is a great candidate for a tripod as its gives you a whole other level of control and functionality.

One particular tripod that matches well with almost any smartphone is the CamRah tripod. While the above tripods are designed for multiple types of cameras, this product is designed specifically for smartphones. This makes it stand above the rest.

Look I’m not going to lie to you. This product is one of those cheapo Chinese tripods you typically find. But for under $25 its kind of hard to go wrong in my opinion. Like the above mentioned GorillaPod, you get similar flexibility and stabilisation with the octopus like legs.

Best Vlogging Tripods
The clamp grip helps to secure your smartphone with ease.


Another thing that persuaded me to buy this for my iPhone 7 Vlogging setup was the added bluetooth remote. I’m a sucker for add-ons and this surprisingly worked really well for placing the tripod at a distance and remotely recording.

Final thoughts

Setting up this tripod for smartphone Vlogging was really straight forward with the clamp like adapter. Using this clamp adapter was a good choice by the designers as it allows to fit the biggest phones like the Samsung Notes with ease. However be aware that over time the clamp can get loose, so retightening is a must.

Overall this is a great little cheap tripod that is perfect for anyone getting into Vlogging with a smartphone. Also with a weight of only 0.3 ounces and dimensions of 8.2 x 5.2 x 2 inches. Its perfect for chucking in the bag or even your back pocket. Despite its minor flaws, this really is one of the best Vlogging tripods for smartphones.


5. Magnus VT-4000 Fluid Head Studio Tripod

Best Vlogging Tripods

Magnus VT-4000 Fluid Head Studio Tripod Specifications

Weight: 7.9 lb (3.6 kg)
Collapsed Height: 27.6″ (70.1 cm)
Extended Height: 59.0″ (150 cm)
Maximum Load: 8.8 lb (4 kg)
Price: Click here to find the latest price

Magnus VT-4000 Fluid Head Studio Tripod Review

The great thing about YouTube and Vlogging is that there is no shortage of content for almost any category. Some of my favourite YouTube/Vlog channels are Kai W and Peter McKinnon who mainly focus on photography.

For these guys, a GorillaPod wouldn’t be best suited as they are mainly shooting in a studio where a traditional tripod is best suited. So maybe you’re in the same boat but wondering what would be the best all rounder studio tripod for a YouTuber?

This roundup wouldn’t be complete without a mention of a studio tripod with a fluid head. Let me introduce the Magnus VT-400 to our best Vlogging tripods list. What sets this Magnus VT-400 from other fluid head tripods is the price point. Similar models like a Manfrotto or Vanguard would would top the $400 while this one hovers around $150 in 2017.

Setting up this Magnus VT-400 was very straight forward and there were no surprises. With this product manufactured with iodised aluminium, the stability was very impressive. While the tripod extends to to 59″ a few extra inches would have been appreciated. But for studio work it was sufficient.

Best Vlogging Tripods
Magnus VT-4000 at half extension.


What i really cared about with this tripod was the fluid head movement and whether or not it can deliver fluid pans and smooth tilts.

Final thoughts

To my surprise it performed above my expectations for a tripod in this price range. Doing pans with my 70D was really smooth but i noticed some stuttering when starting and finishing the pan. This can be overcome in post or you can compensate for it with a wider shot.

Doing forward and backward tilts also gave me a similar result using fixed counter-balance sprint set to 3.3 lbs. Despite its shortcomings, this tripod still delivers extremely well and is worth it for the amount of money saved. Overall this is a standout product and easily earned a spot in our best Vlogging tripods list.


Hopefully this guide has steered you in the right direction in finding the best tripod for your needs. If you want to learn more you can check out these useful resources below to help you get started.

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