Top 3 Best Tripods For Heavy Lenses + Reviews!

Not all tripods are created equal. There are small tabletop and travel tripods, there are very versatile medium duty tripods when special features, and then there are large, heavy duty tripods. Each of those types has uses they are best for. If you regularly shoot with larger cameras or very big lenses, you will need … Read more

Top 5 Best Tabletop Tripods for Photography & Video

There are many reasons to want to make good use of the best tabletop tripods for your photographic needs. Sometimes, a tripod is the best tool to use to ensure getting a good image. But, having a tripod on hand and ready to use can be a challenge. One of the reasons some photographers hold … Read more

5 Best Zomei Tripods + Reviews (Are They The Best Budget Tripods)

Top 5 Best Zomei Tripods + Reviews

As photographers, a fairly large number of us are always on the lookout for a better way of doing things. A lot of us also upgrade periodically while others are trying things they haven’t done before. The best Zomei tripods have something to satisfy all of the above. In certain types of photography such as … Read more

5 Best Tripods For Architectural and Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography is big business! It offers the working photographer a fantastic way to make money and also increases market visibility for the photographer’s other services. Seriously, make a Realtor happy with your work and you will get referrals. Real estate and other architectural photography present their own unique set of challenges, even for … Read more

Top 5 Best Tripods For Product Photography

A good photograph of a product is a great sales tool all by itself. Which is why so many vendors of all types of products are eager to have the best images of their wares to show prospective customers. There is more than having the right thing to sell and showing a picture of it. … Read more

Top 5 Best Tripods For Macro Photography!

Macrophotography, also sometimes known as close focus photography, is one of the most fun forms of photography to do. There is just something about seeing that small world made large that creates a sense of wonder and excitement in an image. Macro photography is high magnification work, so a reliable tripod can make the difference … Read more

Top 5 Best Tripods For Camcorders & Video!

Making videos for personal or business use is an effective way to get your message or product into the public view. Making a good video involves more than simply pointing a smartphone at a subject and uploading to YouTube. Making use of high quality video equipment, including the best tripods for camcorders, will help put … Read more

Top 3 Best Tripods For Canon 60D, 70D & 80D Cameras

When it comes to photography and videography, there are literally hundreds of accessories to choose from. When I first started my photography journey, I thought I needed them all. I picked up everything from lens hoods, remotes, bags, filters and the list goes on. But one essential pice of kit that I neglected to look … Read more