What Tripod Does Zoella Use For YouTube Videos?

What Tripod Does Zoella Use

Zoella is considered one of the most influential and passionate YouTubers on the platform and for good reasons. As of writing this article she has 12 million subscribers on her YouTube channel alone and is growing at incredible numbers. Many people has been asking what tripod does Zoella use to record her videos? Well we found the answer!

It’s pretty incredible to look at Zoella now and marvel at her success and wonder how she has come this far. Incredibly Zoella has been online since 2009 releasing great content and has captured passionate followers along the way.

Starting out, Zoella was a fashion designer apprentice for a few months. During this time she gained her love for fashion and beauty. Since then she was written 3 best selling books, gone on tour and of course the YouTube channel.

What Tripod Does Zoella Use For YouTube Videos? And Why?

Instead of me babbling on lets jump to the tripod Zoella uses. In recent videos Zoella has mentioned that she is currently using a Velbon Videomate 638 Aluminum Tripod which is a surprisingly affordable piece of camera equipment.

As far as video tripods go, this one is held in high regard amongst videographers and YouTubers. It then comes as no surprise that Zoella would use a tripod of this calibre.

What differentiates this tripod from its competitors is the gear operated central column which gives smooth operation. This allows you to quickly wind up to the exact height you are after which is perfect for capturing that ideal composition.

What Tripod Does Zoella Use Velbon Videomate 638 Aluminum Tripod

Paired up with the winding central column is the fluid and tilt pan head. If you have ever seen those buttery smooth shots in Zoella’s videos, it would be thanks to this feature. While the panning function is good it does have difficulty when used with larger cameras. If you want to learn more, you can check out our full guide on our favourite Vlogging tripods here.

As with any good tripod this Velbon Videomate also has a quick release plate with cork for extra grip. Once your camera is attached to the quick release plate you now have the freedom to go from tripod to handheld in a instant.

When it comes to the other specs of this tripod it delivers a solid aluminium build, maximum height of 5.61ft and a max load of capacity of 8.8 lbs. Overall this is a great tripod and we can see why Zoella opts to use such a product. To learn more about tripods, checkout my top 20 best tripod list here.